Devaki Krishna Prasad



Devaki Krishna Prasad, loves to help children and is always ready to contribute something for children’s education because he knows the value of education. He believes that if he can help provide a good education to a child, then he/she can do wonders, live independently, earn good money and make a name. He has always been into social service and now is the Founder and Managing Director of the Devaki Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

He has studied MBA and has about 10 years of work experience. He started his career in the banking sector and moved into a software company where he worked for HCL SYSTEMS as a Java developer for 3 years and also worked as a sourcing HR manager for Hyderabad and Chennai. “Working as a Java developer I got to learn a lot about it also, working as an HR gave me a upper hand in analyzing a person before hiring them like whether this person can work or not and the experience the employee had is genuine or not it basically taught me analyzing the person if he or she is fit for the company to work also I can give training to my HR department how to handle the work since I know complete end to end process of Human Resources” says Devaki Krishna. He wanted to become an entrepreneur and so he left his job and started his own company which is mostly product based, develops websites, creates applications and other technologies like digital marketing, Java, Dot Net, SAP, Salesforce and many more. The company is already dealing with the US clients and they have their own products and are implementing those projects in the market also, one of the biggest projects that they are currently working on is a search engine of their own like Google.

This company provides services and development companies a part from this they have another company called Manju Krishna Group which is into Training, Consulting, Development and Staffing, Social Activities which creates awareness also volunteers in supporting children’s education.

Recently they have started Manju Krishna Child’s Educational Trust where they are tying up with the corporate companies’ employees who can contribute little from their salaries to support the child’s education and to fulfill their basic needs for studying by providing the children bags, books and pens and they have adopted a children organization and contributing as much as possible for the children to have proper education. They also organize an event for the children or go to a government school to teach the children the importance of education. Devaki believes that knowledge is the best weapon that anyone can carry and wants to make the world a better place.


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