Go Virtual with Our Advanced Internship Program!

We offer a remote internship with project-based learning.

Why Choose Devaki for an Internship?

IT Internship

Our internship programs at Devaki are much practical and project oriented.

We are one of the growing companies in the field of software services, web development and digital solutions.

By working on various projects, we provide and guide through great industrial exposure to the interns. Daily assignments with assessment fetch them with industrial knowledge.

How are our Internships designed?

Expertise training and mentorship from industry experts is what you can expect from us. This is the way we have designed our internship programs. We bridge the gap between you and the corporate ecosystem

Top Reasons on Why Should You Join?

  • Experience Latest Technologies
  • Hands-on Learning
  • You Get to Explore Real-Time Projects
  • Mentor Guidance
  • Build a Strong Tech Portfolio

How to Get into Action?

  • Select an Internship Role
  • Subscribe to a Plan
  • Receive an Offer Letter
  • Access Learning Resources
  • Complete the Assigned Project
  • Get the review from Mentor
  • Receive the Certificate

Frequently asked questions:

1.What is a Virtual Internship Program?

This program is a smart initiative by Devaki Technologies open for all tech enthusiasts. It is a virtual learning opportunity to get an understanding of the latest evolving technologies with the support of a Mentor. It is set to provide a company-like environment for the students. 

2. How many Projects I will Complete in an Internship?

One project is assigned to every intern. All the projects will be effectively managed through Devaki for future reference purposes.

3.What is the Pattern of a Guided Project?

These are the projects that are offered to students in the form of activities and steps. It helps in the project development, backed by all necessary references with the easily accessible mentor support.

Experienced Team

Our experienced team at Devaki helps you to assist with all the queries and suggestions about software services

Multiple Variations

Our advanced capabilities and analytics helps you to gain at best data insights and better decision making.

Client Satisfaction

Our major goal is to satisfy the clients with timely and accurate work output.

Well Documented

The projects we undertake are well-documented with the conceptual purpose and features.

Let us improve your business!

Our team always looks out for new ideas and comes up with something best & unique.We understand that only a happy client can bring more business for us.Talk with us about your project and we put in our efforts to bring amazing out of it.