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Devaki Technologies is an esteemed web application development company in Hyderabad. We have been developing web applications for the custom business requirements of all our clients. Robust Web Applications is a combination of our developer’s skills, experience, and cutting-edge technology.

We develop the next-generation web applications that represent the challenging times in the future website development and help to tackle the constantly developing technological changes. It makes the process easier and smooth rather complicated. Our web application team is always dedicated to delivering custom web application development. 

A plethora of our Web Application Development Services

Develop your web app innovatively and intelligently with us!

Custom Web App Development

Customized web applications are in demand. And we develop custom web applications and ensure that there are 360-degree support and quality maintenance. We handle front-end and back-end systems with testing.

IT Services

Web App CMS

Content Management System (CMS) is another important web application service that we offer. Our experts check that quality content is produced and manage them efficiently.

E-Commerce Web App Development

Witness the growth in your online sales and visitors to your website within a quick period. Unite your business with a web application.

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Responsive Web App Designs

We create responsive web app designs that highlight user experience and easy navigation. You will find the perfect web apps by our experienced designers.


Web App Re-Engineering

Want to give your old-school web application a new-age makeover? We have got all that you need. Our experts at Devaki will reengineer your web app and deliver the best one, suitable to industry standards.

Our Safe & Scalable Options in Web Development


Smart Electronic Ecommerce

We at Devaki take an e-commerce platform to a different level, marketplaces and communities deliver and place them on the internet in the form of web applications.

Search engine optimized code and layout help people to google and find products and services mentioned on your website.

While an easy to checkout, multiple payment gateway options, and content management capabilities helps to maintain the websites easily.


Software as a Service

In the present market scenario, SaaS apps are changing the way businesses operate.

India is a hub for SaaS vendors, Microsoft Azure, cloud, and AWS.

These features are easy for businesses to deploy a web service. Devaki’s web consulting and development services ensure that you are on top of your target yet beneficial in budget.


Flexible Web Maintenance

Websites must be always protected from zero-day security vulnerabilities and are hard to maintain.

We provide a support system for your web app for usable, bug-free, and secure functionality.

Our team of web experts is there to help you in any aspect. You can choose for long-term support or on-demand support at a reasonable cost.

How We Provide Our Web Application Development Services?

Devaki Technologies designs & develops exclusive classified apps. Here are the few points-

  • Let us know your essentials and we will offer you the most comprehensive custom web app development services.
  • After studying the requirements, we create a plan to present your idea through the best designs and interface.
  • Our web app development experts work willingly for effective assistance.

FAQs for Web App Development

1.To build a strong & suitable team, how long will it take for you?

Since we only assign our in-house staff, we offer your resumes for selection within 48 hours.

2. How a web application works?

Here is the process. Whenever a user sends a request, it goes to a web server. From the webserver, the request gets routed to the specified web application server. Then, the application server performs the action for the requested work and gives an output. This result is sent to the webserver, and then it shows the final output to the user.

3. Can I have a look at my website during the development phase?

Yes, you can have a look. Our web app development team always motivates our clients. It happens like, we build web applications on our server and provide you with a secret code and a username. Using the credentials, you can log in and observe your ongoing website development.

4. What is the best platform to develop web applications?

Java, PHP, JavaScript, and Python are preferred as the best platforms to develop web applications.

Experienced Team

Our experienced team at Devaki helps you to assist with all the queries and suggestions about software services

Multiple Variations

Our advanced capabilities and analytics helps you to gain at best data insights and better decision making.

Client Satisfaction

Our major goal is to satisfy the clients with timely and accurate work output.

Well Documented

The projects we undertake are well-documented with the conceptual purpose and features.

Let us improve your business!

Our team always looks out for new ideas and comes up with something best & unique.We understand that only a happy client can bring more business for us.Talk with us about your project and we put in our efforts to bring amazing out of it.