IT Services

IT Services

Achieve the productivity, reliability and scalability for the companies reaching us.

Devaki Technologies. IT and online services with a targeted audience. Started working in various dimensions to automate various IT Processes and make them available to companies which helps in optimizing the process of management, resource management, and time management. We are focusing on developing the frameworks which act as plug-ins for various levels of companies seeking our services.

Devaki Technologies Support services, in general, refer to supporting IT Services, managing the Projects, helping in various dimensions to achieve productivity, reliability, and scalability for the companies reaching us.  The services include:

  1. Custom Framework Design
  2. Support Solutions

Devaki Technologies understands various domains in the market and provides solutions to most of them like Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Telecom as we have teams having expertise in providing solutions based on the size and capital of the firm. We render Project Management services to many of our clients/stakeholders which includes Project Engineering, Migrations, and Testing support for various types of applications. Also, we provide services for content writing, reporting, documentation(Technical and Business), and Visuals for our Clients/ Customers.

We have various teams working on various technologies like:

  • WEB: Microsoft .Net technologies, Java, J2EE. Java RMI, JTS, JMS, VB Script, Visual InterDev, ASP, XML, CSS, XLS, Perl, PHP3, Java Script, Java Servlets, EJB, Microsoft IIS, Apache Web Server, Weblogic, Linux.
  • Application Development: Microsoft .net technologies, Visual Basic, Sybase, MySQL, Power Builder, SQL Forms, Developer 2000, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Visual C++, C, Cobol, COM/DCOM, .Net, MS Access/FoxPro, C++.
  • Mobile Technologies: Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, Rich Hybrid applications using PhoneGap, CSS, Java, HTML5, and Objective-C.

Experienced Team

Our experienced team at Devaki helps you to assist with all the queries and suggestions about software services

Multiple Variations

Our advanced capabilities and analytics helps you to gain at best data insights and better decision making.

Client Satisfaction

Our major goal is to satisfy the clients with timely and accurate work output.

Well Documented

The projects we undertake are well-documented with the conceptual purpose and features.

Let us improve your business!

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