Catering Service

Devaki has helped us in creating a tremendous application for our catering service. This application came up well and it reached out of box expectations. Although we were struggled lot in finding the best application development company, we landed in a correct company who fulfilled our needs within time.

Ani Market

We would like to convey great thanks for the amazing team and team work at Devaki. The association with Devaki upon this project is absolutely fantastic every single day. Our experience within this proper collaboration gave us immense satisfaction and encouragement for our future endeavours.


The most effective part in allocating our desired project to someone reliably puts forth proper outputs only when communication and exact management in the project happens. This was without any doubt, we can keep 100% assurance on Devaki since their communication will be more up-to-date, they provide with day to day updates and this made…

Car Accessories

Devaki is the first friend for us to become a successful with our project. They helped us in a very effective way which led to form a long term relationship with them. Definitely, I wanted to sustain with them in a longer run for our complete project needs.

ManjuKrishna Group

Devaki helped us in building up a very innovative website. The unique process of their approach for end to end project completion is very strategic and tremendous. In every step of website development, they had considered pre-requisites given by us and developed exactly what we require. read more

Choice Software Limited

We are very choosy in picking up a company to sign a contract for our project. But this made us to choose an exact organization called Devaki, who performed in a standardized way for our project completion.


I believe we can get lot of application developers in the market, but the one who reaches our thought process is much more mandatory. Similiarly, I approached Devaki, and they are simply superb in delivering such a wonderful application with in short span.

HCL Systems

Being as an MNC company wouldn’t matter when we don’t have exact client relationship. We had a great time and experience with Devaki for their unique process flow and they helped us strongly in completing our project successfully.


Devaki provided us exemplary results till date and we are quite impressed with the dedication they possess in client’s project and delivery. They are very keen in providing and respecting our time which was a remarkable challenge in working with them.

Realcom Infocom Private Limited

Devaki is upfront in our struggle behind the success. They had supported us greatly in our graphic designing’s, web development, etc. Their team stood co-operatively in every aspect of project delivery.

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